Monday, June 3, 2013

A wondrous Yellowstone mystery [alas, now removed]

Apparently it's okay to just lift somebody's stuff from the web.  This one can't possibly be copyrighted--the person who posted it didn't even give his last name.  So thank you, Max.  WRONG-O: SEE BELOW.

Showdown: Fox Defends the Den Against a Badger

Dear Readers, please note: The photographs and text I posted were in fact copyrighted by Max Waugh, and it was wrong of me to use them without his permission.  I guess I'm still naive about copy protection on the internet--something I need to know about for my own sake as well.  I hadn't even been able to find Max's full name on his original post (maybe I didn't look well enough), but I'm now removing his pictures, and I here publicly apology, most sincerely, to Max Waugh.


Charles Shere said...

Fascinating. This explains the considerable enlargement of ground squirrel burrows on our hill, and the thankfully decreased ground squirrel population.

Max Waugh said...

It's not okay to just lift stuff off the web, and I ask that you remove my text and images from this post. If you choose to recap the incident between fox and badger and wish to include one image (provided it retains my watermark) while linking to the page that contains the original story, I'd be okay with that... Though it really would have been better if you had asked permission in the first place.

The images are copyrighted. My last name is indicated on the watermark. I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


(Alternatively, I could send you a bill as I did to the newspapers who used my content to tell this story.)