Tuesday, March 12, 2013


“A big juicy dish bubbling with scandals and rivalries, thickened with oft-told secrets, chock full of random bits as if a boxful of mementos had been upended into the stew. Dig in.”
— The Washington Post

“There are few people more revered in the food world than Craig Claiborne....Thomas McNamee has done his homework here, offering up a full portrait of Claiborne, whose life was not all crème fraîche.”
— USA Today

“Craig Claiborne was the greatest influence of my professional life. . . . Claiborne’s impact on the culinary revolution of the last forty years cannot be ignored or overstated.”
—Jacques Pépin

“McNamee’s book is extraordinary. This is a fascinating book, true progenitor that [Claiborne] was in what appears to be a genuine American food revolution. It’s impossible to think of his as a happy life but he certainly got his work done, which matters a great deal. I would recommend this book to anyone even vaguely interested in food.”
—Jim Harrison

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