Monday, May 21, 2012


Quoted in the New York Times of May 15, 2012: “With the relatively small number of people I feed, is it really my responsibility to worry about carbon footprint?” Mr. Keller asked. “The world’s governments should be worrying about carbon footprint.” 

For shame!  One of the most talented chefs alive, and as such a person with great influence--Keller really ought to understand that chefs and restaurateurs can lead their customers, and indeed the citizenry at large, toward a consciousness of sustainable farming and fishing.  Many other chefs and restaurateurs are already doing just that, and it can be very effective.  It's not just a matter of "carbon footprint."  There's a vast array of moral issues that arise from our food system--and who better to address them than a great chef?  I do hope Thomas Keller will reconsider his foreswearing of moral responsibility.  He's too intelligent not to understand what a force for good his leadership could be.

Keller might start by considering how well our government is doing in its "worrying about carbon footprint."  The United States' failures to act meaningfully on the issue are a disgrace, and our political leaders won't start moving in the right direction until there is sufficient pressure from the public.

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