Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lovely, cold New York.

No post from the memoir this week. I've just arrived in New York--plane five hours late--and it's freezing; also brimming with Christmas cheer, something New York does better than anywhere else I know. Peace and joy to all.


Fathersal said...

Tom, what are you doing in New York? It is almost as cold here and you only have to go to Berkeley to find snow.
see you on NYE

Tom McNamee said...

SGB+, I dunno who you are. Maybe reveal yourself by email (to t-mc@pacbell.net). In any case New York was mainly to see godchildren (Moses Chapin, Amanda Nazario) and if-her-parents-would-take-the-trouble-then-she-would-be-our-goddaughter (but is in any case equally beloved) Lillan Epps. Also the Eggleston show at the Whitless was very very good. Also ate some very good food, chez Chapin and chez Lauren's aunt Julia (both Roast Beast) and at Bar Boulud. First Christmas ever without my father dominating the proceedings.